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About Us

Welcome To Koya Wheels…..


Here at Koya we strive to do the best that we can. The best products at the best prices with the best service and back up. Our best efforts will be all that you will want.

Quality :                    All Koya Products are


Below is a time line of our last ten years.

2000  Introduced  KOYA WHEELS to Australia…..

2002  KOYA  introduces the Staggered fitment to the Australian market….

2003  KOYA  introduces the INOX stainless steel lip to the market…..

2004  KOYA  releases Australia’s first drift wheel…..   “DRIFT TEK”

2005  KOYA  moves in to the New Zealand market…..

           KOYA  becomes an authorized trade mark in Europe.

2006  KOYA  releases the latest technology, the laser cut INOX lip around the spokes…..

2007  KOYA  brings you the INOX “INSERT” a stainless steel insert in the spokes…..

2008  KOYA  release the Staggered INOX lip, same wheel with staggered lip…..

            KOYA  releases the deepest ever INOX lip, 120mm of stainless steel dish…..

2009  KOYA  releases new INOX wheel with big brake clearance….

2010  KOYA’S  fully customized P.C.D and OFFSET system to suit your ride….

           KOYA  introduces the TWIN VALVE SYSTEM to the market…..

Imagine what we will bring you in the next ten years

2011  KOYA introduces INOX replaceable & paintable lip (worldwide patented)…..

2012  KOYA releases Concave Spokes style & two tone Black and white finished

2014  KOYA introduces FlowForming Wheel and named as Semi Forged 

2017  KOYA started 1pc Forged Custom Wheel and has own powder coating facility