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SF09 Silver Machined 19″ 20″ Semi Forged (Custom-Fit)

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Wheel Summary

Wheel Detail

Wheel Detail

19×8.5(Standard)    5H98~130   OFFSET 0 to +45 $515 each +Freight

19×9.5(Deep Concave)   5H98~130   OFFSET +15 to +45 $515 each +Freight

19×10(Deep Concave)   5H98 ~130   OFFSET +22 to +51 $515 each +Freight

19×11(Deep Concave)   5H98 ~130   OFFSET +34 to +64 $540 each +Freight

20×8.5(Standard)   5H98~130   OFFSET +14to +45 $580 each +Freight

20×9(Standard)   5H98~130   OFFSET +20 to +52 $580 each +Freight

20×9.5(Concave)    5H98~130   OFFSET +16 to +45 $580 each +Freight

20×10(Concave)    5H98~ 130   OFFSET +23 to +52 $580 each +Freight

20×11(Concave)    5H98~ 130   OFFSET +35 to +64 $595 each +Freight

20×11( Deep Concave)    5H98~ 130   OFFSET +11 to +42 $595 each +Freight

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  • Designed for Australian Road & Motorsport Use
  • Semi Forged
  • Light Weight
  • Load Rate:19″ 850KG / 20″ 950kg


  • Yes




  • Standard
  • Concave
  • Deep Concave

List Prices inclusive of GST

Free wheel nuts and hub locating rings supplied with each set of wheels 

Free Customised PCD & Off-set to your ride

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